Make money from YouTube step by step process

How to make money from youtube Full Step by Step Process


How to speed up the pc performance ?

Dear friend if you are getting bored or tired of you pc performance and wanted to get rid of it.
I have a solution to read out the article and I will provide you the solution so that you can get rid of your PC performance that your PC performance will increase in terms of speed power consumption and it will not hang further.

Dear you have tried many options to speed up your PC like installing software or many software like clean my PC boost my PC but they didn’t help you out but I assure you that I will provide your solution that will help you a lot and you will convert to your friend to help him.

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14 year old Arijit Singh must listen Channa Mereya – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil … –

Must listen very beautiful voice I liked it hope you also like it….

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Do you know about PMKVY and NSDC get 100% job by enrolling into this


You have heared many time that government is taking steps to provide skill to youngsters so in this article I am going to tell you about Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana this is a Yojana which provide number of courses through which the student can learn & develop skills of their interest and they will have a chance to get a job by this skill provided under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas (3)

Friends you have also heard about National Development Corporation that is NSDC the skill courses by pmkvy are organised or deliver by NSDC centres.
For example if you want to be is skilled as technician or if your interest in agriculture then there are number of courses through which you can learn and grow your skills to get a job.
This training is free of cost for a student who wants to sharpen his skill and searching for job. There are certain terms and condition for the courses that one student can be able to do only one course in life that you will get only one certificate for the course you have done this is a policy, governments policy is that if you are doing this programme from NSDC Centre then it is the liability of NSDC Centre that they have to place you or get you hired at some place to provide you employment, so this is a 100% job guaranteed course.
There are number of sectors in which you can apply to learn or sharpen your skill by attending the course program but one thing you have to notice that you can do only one course in your lifetime.

By clicking the link below you will get the information of the courses provided by NSDC centres so please click on the link and get the information so that you can choose the course of interest.

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Rahul Gandhi’s name nominated for Guinness Book of record?


Today we have an very interesting topic regarding the vice-president of congress party Mr. Rahul Gandhi.


In what seems to be a completely unique distinction for the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, a student from Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad has approached the Guinness Book of World Records to include his name for losing a record 27 elections.

As reported by The Financial Express, Vishal Diwan, a student of an engineering college mentioned the Congress VP’s 27 election losses as the basis to include Rahul’s name in the world records book.

Watch the video for more information click on the link below

After the Congress’ monumental defeat in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Goa Assembly Elections 2017, some of the senior party members questioned his ability and called for structural changes in the party.

According to Zee News, Diwan has written to the Guinness Book of World Records, paid the enrollment fee and received acceptance of the same, however, the Guinness Book of World Records has not confirmed if his request will be approved.

Gandhi also led the party campaign in the 2014 General Assembly Elections in which the Congress was ousted from the Centre after ruling for 10 years. BJP swiped across the nation with 282 seats out of 543 while the Congress only manages a paltry 44 seats.

Let’s see what happent but the multiple defeats of congress party in elections under the charge of rahul gandhi will decrease his brand image along with his confidance as well as his pride,  being mocked by an engineering student must really sting.

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Vodafone – Idea Merger Latest News


As you already know about jio’s that it is making splash and giving strong compitition to other telecom service provider companies in india, so to compete with this such environment two compaines idea and vodafone today on 20-march-2017 announced merger of both Vodafone – Idea.vodafone-reuter

Here after merger they will become the biggest telecom service provider in india with 395 million customers and around Rs. 80,000 crore in revanue ( Data accumulated from moneycontrol ). Also Kumar manglam and Aditya Birla will be the CEO of the new merger.

Before or prior the merger vodafone and idea were second and third largest telecom players respectively, while Bharti Airtel was number one.The combined market share of 43% – Vodafone has 23% and Idea 19%- will catapult the new company to around 10 percentage points higher than Bharti Airtel. In addition, the base share will exceed the limit of 50 percent in at least nine circles.

You should know the merger percentage along with 5 major points of merger of Vodafone-Idea  -:

(Data Taken form Moneycontrol)                                                                                                     Aditya Birla Group firm, Idea Cellular, on Monday said that its Board of Directors at its meeting approved the scheme of amalgamation of Vodafone India and its wholly-owned subsidiary Vodafone Mobile Services with itself.

The merger with Vodafone will create India’s largest telecom operator with the widest mobile network in the country and provide pan-India 3G/4G footprint. The transaction is expected to close during the calendar year 2018, subject to approvals.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of the Vodafone-Idea Cellular merger deal:

Ownership structure:

Vodafone will own 45.1 percent of the combined company after transferring a stake of 4.9 percent to the promoters of Idea for Rs 3,874 crore billion in cash concurrent with the completion of the amalgamation. The promoters of Idea will hold 26 percent of the Company and the balance will be held by the public.

The promoters have the right to acquire up to 9.5 percent additional stake at Rs 130/share from Vodafone under an agreed mechanism with a view to equalizing the shareholding overtime.

Merger Ratio:

The merger of equals with the joint control of the combined company. The merger ratio is consistent with the recommendations form the joint independent valuers. The implied enterprise value is Rs 82,800 crore for Vodafone India and Rs 72,200 crore for Idea excluding its stake in Indus Towers, valuing Vodafone India at 6.4x EV/TVM EBITDA.

If the Vodafone and the Idea Cellular shareholding in the combined entity is not equal after four years, Vodafone will sell down shares in combined entity to equalise its shareholding to that of the Aditya Birla Group Company.

Transaction to be accretive for Vodafone cash flows:

Vodafone will consolidate Vodafone India immediately. Post-closing, the combined company will be reported as a joint venture by Vodafone which would result in a decrease of Vodafone net debt.

Vodafone will contribute Rs 2,500 crore more net debt than Idea at completion. Based on Idea’s net debt of Rs 52,700 crore as of December 31, 2016, this would have implied Rs 55,200 crore to be contributed by Vodafone. The cash received from Aditya Birla Group of Rs 3,900 crore would lower Vodafone Group’s reported leverage by around 0.3x Net Debt/EBITDA.

Synergy Opportunities

The run-rate cost and the capex synergies are expected to reach Rs 14,000 crore on an annual basis by the fourth full year post completion. This is equivalent to a net present value of approximately Rs 70,000 crore after integration costs. Operating cost savings represent 60 percent of the expected run-rate savings.

Dividend Policy

Pro forma net debt as at December 31 2016, was Rs 1,07,900 crore. On that basis, leverage of the combined company would have been 4.4x LTM EBITDA. The parties expect the combined Company to be self-funding going forward but are committed to maintaining appropriate leverage levels.

The parties have agreed that the combined company is appropriately capitalised and the excess cash flow is distributed to shareholders.

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New Plans of Telecom Companies( Jio, Airtel, Idea )

Hi, Today i will tell you the new plans of the leading telecom companies of india like Jio, Airtel, Idea.


So guys firstly know the new plans of jio telecom servise provider,jio recently unvieled new plan i.e. prime membership plan that will cost you with one time registration fee of Rs. 99 and a monthly (28days) subscription fee of Rs. 303 .


If, you did not subscribe to jio prime menbership program than you have to choose a plan such as

  •  Rs.145  (2gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)
  • Rs. 303  (5gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)
  • Rs. 499 (10gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)

So i suggest you to enroll to the jio prime membership and enjoy the benefit that you are using before 31st march.


Now know the plans of airtel,So guys airtel is the india’s biggest telecom service provider and also facing tough competition with jio as jio provide the plans at very low rates, to compete with such environment airtel also launches a plan which you should know about.Airtel-345-Plan

  • Rs. 345 ( 1 Gb/day with unlimited calling at any other network)

One t&c you must keep in mind that the data 1 Gb/day is capped with 500Mb day & 500 MB night, So use carefull otherwire your main balance will be deducted.


Now last but not the least know the plan of idea telecom service provider, as you must heared that due to jio’s welcome offer the loss suffered by idea is most among all telecom service provider in india.

Many people also complaint that the plans of idea are alway costly but today i want to tell you that in this compititative environment idea also launched it’s new plan so the plan is -:Idea-Rs-345-plan-details

  • Rs. 345 ( 14 Gb/Month with unlimited calling at any network )

One thing you must keep in mind that there is a t&c in the data usage that is you can use 500 Mb data /day so use your data  carefully otherwise you will loose your balance.

Note -: One month is equal to 28 days.

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