How to speed up the pc performance ?

Dear friend if you are getting bored or tired of you pc performance and wanted to get rid of it.
I have a solution to read out the article and I will provide you the solution so that you can get rid of your PC performance that your PC performance will increase in terms of speed power consumption and it will not hang further.

Dear you have tried many options to speed up your PC like installing software or many software like clean my PC boost my PC but they didn’t help you out but I assure you that I will provide your solution that will help you a lot and you will convert to your friend to help him.

If you are tired of your PC performance and want to sell your PC advise you do not sell as resale value is very very low and a new PC will cost you too much for example a new laptop will cost you around 50000 to 60000 rupees

Instead of applying money there I will give you a cheap solution that will ensure you that your problem of PC performance will be solved.

So dear all you have to do is to buy a SSD. SSD stands for solid state drive,
SSD is 10x faster than HDD.
SSD is lighter in weight than HDD
The power consumption of SSD is less than is HDD.
Performance of SSD is must faster than HDD.
There are less chances of hard disc crash in SSD case and more in HDD case.
Read write speed of SSD is much faster than HDD.

So all you need to replace your HDD with SSD and your PC performance will increase.
Now you are thinking that if you replace your old hard disc then it will be a waste so don’t worry you can use your old hard disc as well at same time in same PC.
How you have to buy a hard disc case which will be fixed at the place where the CD driver is placed in your lappy of PC.
Why this solution you can able to surf your both hard disk, at same time.
I am also shared a link from where you can buy an SSD at good price.

I recommend you to buy the SSD of Kingston company Kingston is a high rated company which will provide you a good quality SSD with 3 year warranty I am using Kingston hard disc for 3 years and there is no problem with that so go through that link and watch out and compare the prices and choose your best price and buy the hard disc so that you can get rid of the problem of performance of your PC.

You can also watch my video for comparison link is given below

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Thank you very much and I will be available shortly with another article of your interest.


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