New Plans of Telecom Companies( Jio, Airtel, Idea )

Hi, Today i will tell you the new plans of the leading telecom companies of india like Jio, Airtel, Idea.


So guys firstly know the new plans of jio telecom servise provider,jio recently unvieled new plan i.e. prime membership plan that will cost you with one time registration fee of Rs. 99 and a monthly (28days) subscription fee of Rs. 303 .


If, you did not subscribe to jio prime menbership program than you have to choose a plan such as

  •  Rs.145  (2gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)
  • Rs. 303  (5gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)
  • Rs. 499 (10gb/month with unlimited calling at all network)

So i suggest you to enroll to the jio prime membership and enjoy the benefit that you are using before 31st march.


Now know the plans of airtel,So guys airtel is the india’s biggest telecom service provider and also facing tough competition with jio as jio provide the plans at very low rates, to compete with such environment airtel also launches a plan which you should know about.Airtel-345-Plan

  • Rs. 345 ( 1 Gb/day with unlimited calling at any other network)

One t&c you must keep in mind that the data 1 Gb/day is capped with 500Mb day & 500 MB night, So use carefull otherwire your main balance will be deducted.


Now last but not the least know the plan of idea telecom service provider, as you must heared that due to jio’s welcome offer the loss suffered by idea is most among all telecom service provider in india.

Many people also complaint that the plans of idea are alway costly but today i want to tell you that in this compititative environment idea also launched it’s new plan so the plan is -:Idea-Rs-345-plan-details

  • Rs. 345 ( 14 Gb/Month with unlimited calling at any network )

One thing you must keep in mind that there is a t&c in the data usage that is you can use 500 Mb data /day so use your data  carefully otherwise you will loose your balance.

Note -: One month is equal to 28 days.

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Thank You


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