Make Mobile Charger / Power Bank At Home Easily

Hello Everyone

                              ” Make Mobile Charger At Home at negligible cost “

Today i am gonna tell you the full way of making mobile charger at home at low cost or cheap price. so read out the full article and learn how to make a cheap and wonderful charger at home.


Component Required

  1. A general purpose PCB Board 
                                         PCB Board img.

  2. 7805 Voltage Regulator IC
                                     7805 IC

  3. 100uf Capacitor
  4. 10 uf Capacitor   
        10uf Capacitor
  5. Female USB Port                      
    Female USB Connector img.


  6. Battery Connector Clip          
                                    Batter Connector Clip

  7. Battery 9 V Rechargable/ Non-Rechargable      
    9 V Battery

                  So We have a total of these component image below

Total Component


Now watch out the circuit diagram and make the connection as per circuit diagram…

1. Refer to the circuit diagram of the project.

2. Insert the clip on PCB board and paste it using hot glue.

3. Solder the connector to the base.

4. Solder a 100uF capacitor parallel to the connector clip.

5. Refer to the pin configuration of 7805. Solder the IC on the base such that, input pin is near the capacitor and connect input pin to +ve terminal of capacitor.

6. Take a 10uF capacitor and solder the +ve terminal to the output of 7805 I.C.

7. Refer to the pin configuration of female USB port. We have 4 pins

  • pin 1 – Vcc
  • Pin 2 – Data (-)
  • Pin 3 – Data (+)
  • Pin 4 – Ground

8. Solder the port to the base and connect pin 1 to the +ve terminal of 10uF capacitor.

9. Make all the ground connections.

Below Are some images to understand pin connection

Female USB Port pin Description
7805 pin description
After Soldering

Congratulation Our Mobile Charger is ready now attach 9v Battery and you can charge your mobile by using your charger cable and our charger look like.

Final look of our Emergency Charger…

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