Do you know The Top Earning Platform on Internet


Many people today are searching to earn passive income so today i am gona tell you the multiple platforms on the internet through which you can earn money by just sitting at your home.


There are several platforms through which you can earn money by working just 10 minutes a day.So they are

  • Youtube
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Daily Motion
  • Fiverr


1. YouTube is a site where you can earn money by just uploading videos, you just have to upload vidoes and youtube place ads on those video and you will earn money. For more how to earn money from youtube please visit on the link below.


2. Blogger is a site where you can create an account and make your own blog for free of cost and share your thoughts which can be helpful to other there also you can place ads on the post through which you can earn money.This is very nice platform with initially no investment.


3. WordPress  is also a site where using signup you can create your blog or website to earn it is a website which provide professional touch like theme, and many other features but i will cost you some bucks it is a nice plateform to work with small investment.



4. FaceBook is a social networking site which is most popular in today’s era so why don’t you use this as a income source through Facebook you can be hired to advertise the brand or any product,another way is to make a fan page or a group and if you are having a nice fan base or large number of people in group you can get sponsorship through which you can earn money.

5. Daily Motion is also a site like YouTube where you upload the video and earn from that you just have to signup on daily motion and upload the videos ads will appear on it through which you will earn money.But YouTube is more popular than daily motion.


6. Fiverr is a site which will help in your initial stage of earning here you can earn money by just getting the contract based work like banner making,thumbnail making, video editing, advertisement of brands in your blog or videos. In this you have to signup and make gigs of your expetise,like if you are good in video editing than you can make a gig that “want to edit video professionally contact” and you can quote your rate as you want an earn money with projects.

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